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When I set out to open Lifters Gym I had a mission to bring back old values to a 21st Century gym. At Lifters Gym we believe it's our job to invest in the members who have invested in us. This shows by the way we treat our members. We offer a fully equipped commercial gym that is accessible 24 hours a day at  some of the best rates out  there. You pay one low flat-rate monthly fee and we do the rest to ensure all of your equipment is fully functional nearly 100% of the time. Our testimonials page tells it all and proves that we accomplished what we set out to do. Feel free to contact us or come by to see our facility and awesome gym family. 


Chad Taylor 

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Chad Taylor – from Day 1 years ago when you gave me a tour of the gym and spent a good bit of your time going over terms and just chatting, I have always been sure that I made the right decision to join Lifters Gym…for the gym, equipment, facilities, atmosphere, location, hours, and most importantly the lack of nonsense small fine print. The next best day for me was when my husband joined. We have been working out together (and sometimes apart depending on the training day) and we absolutely love it. We can work out anytime and have most anything we could ever ask for is there for our use. Your knowledge and interaction with your members is a great asset and makes the gym exactly what it is to us….”HOME.” The non-corporate, non-24-hour gyms cannot help us attain our fitness goals and, due to how my husband’s schedule conflicting with mine, would not allow us to train together. Lifters Gym is always clean, motivating and available…the staff is always helpful and courteous. You are always responsive to feedback and suggestions, and drive to exceed expectations and solve any issues that come up and we are thankful for that. My husband, Jeff, and I really appreciate the  gym you have created and would not dream of joining anywhere else. Where  we can be who we are without the hype, rules and limitations of other gyms. We love our home, you and the members that make our gym family.
- Brandi and Jeff Hensley


 “I am loving training at Lifters! Been there before 6 AM every morning since you opened and I feel so much better! I just wanted to encourage you guys that you did a good thing by opening, Thanks!”
- Ron Loflin 


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  • "Some ask why can't I locate a gym just right for me and my schedule. Well, Lifters Gym is your place!! With 24 hour available gym access there are no excuses! Children's room for play,  personal trainers, membership fees that can make anyone jealous & successful, equipped with all types of machines to target those trouble areas. I can successfully say, as an active member I've melted away 50lbs of weight, lost 3 inches off my waist, and gradually working on toning; I'm overall happy & looking towards my second year with an awesome gym, Lifters Gym!" - Amy Phelps
  • "Best gym period...end of story. - Lee Davis
  • "Great atmosphere, awesome people and a great place to keep in shape.Thanks Lifters." - Michael Lafave
  • "I love lifters, and have met some of the nicest people here. Also a great environment with everything you need to make a better you!" - Megan Morris
  • "One month into my membership and first time in a gym in 35 yrs. Already seeing some changes. Everyone has been very helpful. Met Chad for the first time and I must say he made me feel welcome and relaxed. Gave me some help with diet ideas. This is a first-class place to transform not just your body but your life also. This gym isn't the typical "We want your money" facility. This place was built for you.Thanks to all." - Randolph Wynkoop
  • "I absolutely LOVE this gym! So glad I joined when I did, just wish I had joined earlier! Can't wait every day till I can get back there. This place is a 10 to me!" - Connie Love
  • "Great gym...even better people" - Chris Cornet

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